One on one Spanish

All levels
Learn Spanish through a motivating programme that uses innovative methods to enhance the learning experience, maximise practice and guarantee optimum progress. We have experience teaching kids from 2 years old to adults 75 years old.

In-company training

All levels
This programme is aimed at motivated people who want to develop their communication skills through a stimulating programme that gives rapid results. Classes are organized for groups or on a one to one basis and can be extensive or intensive.

Intensive Spanish

All levels
We are experts at offering intensive courses. Cover Breakthrough Spanish and Waystage Spanish, the two beginner levels in a week. Continue for three and a half weeks to complete the two levels of intermediate Spanish Threshold Spanish and Vantage Spanish. And off to work or study in Spain or Latin America!

Breakthrough Spanish

A1 Level Spanish
Start communicating in Spanish: introduce yourself and others, ask questions, talk about others, describe likes, dislikes, preferences and plans, go shopping, describe your daily routine and talk about work.
Classes: 15 hours.

Waystage Spanish

A2 Level Spanish
Start talking about past experiences and future plans in situations like applying for a job, going to a restaurant, travelling, describing the city, renting a property and telling a biography. This is the level that you need to get by comfortably when in a Spanish speaking country.
Classes: 15 hours.

Key Stage Spanish

Year 11
Students consolidate a good fountation in Spanish. Through a variety of visual, practical and engaging activities that help them remember vocabulary and grammar points, students learn to love the language to respond confidently at the time of reading, speaking, listening and writing assessments.

Threshold Spanish

B1 Level Spanish
Expand your range of topics to start reading newspaper articles about film, theatre, health, travel, media, personalities and the environment. Learn to describe how things work, state opinions and wishes using the subjuntive, listen to Spanish songs and start telephoning your colleagues in Spanish.
Classes: 45 hours.

Vantage Spanish

B2 Level Spanish
As a reference by the end of this course, you should understand 100% of any newspaper article. Your communication begins to enrich as we cover topics like art, fashion, photography, economics, nature, food, among many others, to enrich your vocabulary and range of conversation.
Classes: 45-60 hours.

GCSE Spanish

GCSE Spanish
Students develop an intermediate level of Spanish. Through a variety of visual, practical and engaging activities that help them remember vocabulary and grammar points, students learn to love the language to respond confidently at the time of reading, speaking, listening and writing assessments.

Proficiency Spanish

C1 Level Spanish
You know you have this level if you feel comfortable reading Confieso que he vivido by Pablo Neruda. You can richly describe experiences, travels, feelings, biographies, work and relationships adding connotations as your vocabulary greatly widens and you can communicate in Spanish freely and confidently.
Classes: 100 hours.

Mastery Spanish

C2 Level Spanish
If you can read Jorge Luis Borges, you have reached this level. At this stage your range of vocabulary is rich to talk about specialist areas like history, philosophy, literature, science and development. You've mastered the subjuntive like a native speaker and it's time of rewards!
Classes: 100 hours +

Spanish through writers

Graduate level
We prepare students enrolled in courses run by Departments of Modern and Medieval Languages and Departments of Spanish at Oxford, Cambridge and other universities, covering Spanish and Latin American literature from the Middle Ages to contemporary works through the different periods and genres.

DELE Spanish

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Spanish
The preparation for the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language Exams (D.E.L.E) can cover any of the levels set by the European Framework for languages that are the basis of all our programmes. Add the component of exams at the Instituto Cervantes in London, so you have a certificate that validates your progress recognized by the Ministry of Education of Spain.

AS and A Level Spanish

AS and A Level Spanish
Students consolidate their proficiency in Spanish. This lessons have a strong component of speaking about Spanish and Latin American literary works and cinema helped techniques that improve their skills,  consolidate vocabulary and reinforce important grammar points for a succesfull assessment in the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Argentine Spanish

"When my family decided to move to Buenos Aires, we knew we would need some personal Spanish tuition in a small group to master the basics of Spanish in just two months. Carolina provided a very structured approach, and used a variety of techniques to teach us and our 2 year old - games, pictures, matching exercises, newspapers, reading poetry to our daughter, etc. You can imagine the limited attention span of a 2 year old but Carolina's flexibility helped a great deal. She was also ambitious for what we could learn and spurred us on when we started flagging. Thanks to her, we will be arriving in BA ready to build on a solid foundation in Spanish - instead of starting from scratch".
Nichole Beauchamp, Writer, from United States, living in Wandsworth, London, 11 June 2007