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Ateneo 21 offers quality Spanish courses, Spanish lessons and in-company Spanish training in central and greater London. 
The Spanish courses are unique in that they explore language and culture to offer a motivating programme that enhances the learning experience. We use innovative methods in a small group setting to maximise practice and guarantee optimum progress. And we are constantly developing authentic content and materials to guarantee a cutting edge learning experience. More...

Choose from Evening Spanish courses in London, In-company Spanish Courses, Private Spanish Lessons and Argentine Spanish lessons. New to our courses this year is: Spanish through the readings of Latin American Writers.  If you are moving abroad choose from: Intensive Spanish Courses, Immersion Spanish Courses and Spanish for kids. For exam preparation we have: A Level Spanish Drop In Sessions, Spanish GCSE Drop In Sessions, Key Stage 3 Spanish Drop In Sessions, DELE Preparation Classes and private Spanish home tuition. If you would like to offer Spanish courses thorugh your organization check our Spanish courses in the community to offer a valuable contribution that links language and culture. Schools can also apply to organize After School Spanish Clubs.

Whether you are studying to enrich your relations with Spanish speakers, expand your personal and professional goals, negotiate and conduct business and make the most of your holidays in one of the 21 Spanish speaking countries, Ateneo 21 has a Spanish course in London that matches quality teaching and innovative methods with a truly enjoyable experience.

In Spanish "ateneo" is a forum where people meet to share experiences and discuss ideas. Many universities in the Spanish speaking countries have a theatre called ‘Ateneo’. There are 21 countries that have Spanish as their official language and that makes it a truly international language and the most multicultural one. We also aim to use 21st century approach to teaching Spanish.

Ateneo 21 uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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Europe Unties Tongues
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