Free Spanish resources

Practise your Spanish online using free quality learning resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Arriba program

This beginner Spanish course includes lessons with Review materials that feature instantly scored practice excercises to revise vocabulary and grammar, flashcards and Spanish practice tests.  

BBC Languages
Learn Spanish online with a new Spanish course for beginners: Mi Vida Loca. You also have other online Spanish courses like Spansh Steps and Talk Spanish. There are learning games, common Spanish phrases, a guide to Spanish slang and, for intermediate students, interviews with references to the use of Spanish grammar.

BBC News

Listen, read and practise your Spanish with interactive activities, based on news stories suitable for A/AS-level.

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes

Large, freely accessible collection of works of literature, history and science.

Cody's Cuentos
Classic children's fairytales in Spanish. The fact that you probably already know the story in English will aid your comprehension of understanding the tale in Spanish.

GCSE Spanish
Spanish language lessons to develop listening, speaking, writing and reading skills to prepare for GCSE Spanish exams.  

Centro Virtual Cervantes, Aula de Lengua
Aveteca and Otros materiales feature Spanish practice lessons online for beginners.

Conexiones: Comunicación y Cultura
This intermediate level Spanish course (corresponding to B1 level) features, under Review materials, activities that are automatically graded and provide immediate feedback on each lesson's vocabulary and grammar. There are also flashcards.

El Poder de la Palabra
Contains fragments of over 2500 literary texts with biographies and portraits of the authors.

Practise your Spanish with tests, songs, expressions and vocabulary.

Spanish pronunciation dictionary.

Gente program

A Spanish course that covers beginner (A1 and A2 levels) and intermediate Spanish (B1 level) with activities to revise vocabulary, under Contextos, and grammar, under Formas y recursos. Both are automatically graded to provide immediate feedback.

Identidades: Exploraciones e Interconexiones
Review materials have activities designed for practicing and exploring vocabulary, structures and cultural themes at an intermediate level.

Leer escuchando
Spanish audiobooks to download as MP3.

Mosaicos program
Learn Spanish grammar using Additional practice featuring activities for beginners that are automatically graded to provide inmediate feedback.

Oxford University Language Centre
A Spanish placement test: revise verb tenses -including the Subjuntives- answer the questions and find out what your level is.

Radio productions.

Real Academia Española
Spanish-Spanish online dictionary constantly updated by the Royal Academy of Spanish language in Madrid.

Spanish for business
A beginner Spanish course that prepares students to function in real world business situations.

Spanish for healthcare
A beginner Spanish course for health care professionals.

Study Spanish

A reference to Spanish grammar with explanations in English.

The Aztecs
A Spanish language lesson to contrast the use of the past tenses in the context of the Aztec culture.

The Guardian
The newspaper publishes Spanish vocabulary lists on a variety of everyday topics.

Trent University
A very visual workbook with sound clips, a voice recorder and activities with immediate feedback at beginner (A2-A2) and intermediate Spanish level (B1-B2). 

Trinity University
Exercises to practice prepositions, pronouns, verb tenses, "ser" and "estar" and subjuntives for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.  

University of Birmingham
Spanish language level test.

University of Iowa
Spanish pronunciation lessons.

Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Consult Spanish verb forms with this "conjugador". 

University of Texas
Spanish Proficiency Excersises.

University of Victoria
Beginner Spanish language lessons.

Word Reference
Online Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictonaries together with a language forum to post questions and answers about Spanish usage.